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Blu-Ray panel at Tonmeistertagung 2008 .: news November 13th 2008
25th Int. Audio Convention 2008, Leipzig NOVEMBER 13th 2008 - Specialist Panel and Roundtable Discussion: Blu-ray as a format for the audio industry

Key notes available as PDF, on the subject: "What content to feed our audience; how to make surround sound an exciting musical experience - Illustrated by stage drafts from the composers and photos from the recording sessions, entering a discussion on surplus stereo-compatibility, encouraging by example to a use of the surround format to its full potential.". [read more]

Morten Lindberg invited to workshop at AES in Amsterdam [read more]

The world’s first music-Blu-ray is made in Norway by Lindberg Lyd [read more]

Trondheimsolistene in Selbu Church 2007.: news November 16th 2007
For those of you familiar with our recording of MOZART with Marianne Thorsen, this week we further refined the sonic values in a new production with Trondheimsolistene. Using five identical and matched DPA 4041S microphones. [read more]

FACILITY - Lindberg Lyd .: article by Resolution Magazine May/June 2007
Continuing the theme of reporting on innovative facilities that serve niche martkets, Zenon Schoepe ( visits Oslo and discovers a classical specialist that is big in surround . [read more]

Nominated for two GRAMMY-awards .: news December 15th 2006
Producer and engineers Morten Lindberg and Hans Peter L'Orange have been nominated in the category for Best Surround Sound Album. [read more]

Groundbreaking DXD Recordings .: article by DPA November 28th 2006
The recording of Mozart's violin concertos took place in Selbu Church in Norway with violinist Marianne Thorsen and the Trondheim Soloists. "For this project we wanted to optimise the recording for the multi-channel layer of the SACD-format," explains Morten Lindberg, the project's recording producer and balance engineer. [read more]

To the GRAMMIEs .: article by MERGING January 2007
Now an SACD of his choral works has become the first Norwegian recording to be nominated for more than one category at the US Grammy Awards. [read more]

Groundbreaking Mozart DXD recordings .: article by DAD December 2007
Lindberg is among the very first companies in Europe to utilise DXD- and SACD-technology in commercial audio production. [read more]

Europe premiere recording in DXD .: news June 3rd 2006

Where MONO was black and white and STEREO is a polaroid snapshot, SURROUND is the real flesh .: article June 11th 2005
The music business is undergoing a period of major change. The CD format,
launched in the early eighties, no longer satisfies listeners’ expectations ...
[read more]

The advantages of DXD for SACD .: article august 2004
MIKAEL VEST gives a general overview of recording for SACD [read more: PDF]

What is Super Audio CD? .: article August 2004
This compact disc looks like a normal CD and plays on all standard players
and computers. But thanks to an additional CD-layer ...
[read more]