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Where MONO was black and white and STEREO is a polaroid snapshot, SURROUND is the real flesh .: article June 11th 2005

The music business is undergoing a period of major change. The CD format, launched in the early eighties, no longer satisfies listeners’ expectations of spectacular audio experiences. DVD-audio and SACD (Super Audio CD) are two new digital formats which support high resolution sound to the domestic audience. A hybrid product offers all possibilities on one and the same CD, which consists of three layers: stereo and 5.1 surround with wide dynamic range and frequency spectrum, while the traditional CD layer renders the product compatible with conventional CD players.

Quadraphonic sound systems were launched in the 1970s but never really caught on. But when sound and vision are combined, the visual element dominates. Now the film industry has paved the way in private homes for DVD players and multi-channels-audio.

Presence and participation are the magic words for future listeners. Surround products bring the listener to the very centre of the audio experience. The best seat in the concert hall is one that is not for sale – but the centre of the orchestra’s attention, the conductor, is paid a lot to occupy this very position. Now the audience themselves can occupy this exclusive place right in their own living-rooms. Giovanni Gabrieli did it with groups of brass instruments in renaissance Venice; one hundred years after Edison introduced his phonograph, Lindberg Lyd adds new dimensions to Norwegian music publishing and audio products.

In collaboration with Lydrommet AS, Merging Technologies, Innovasjon Norge and Norwegian performers and composers, Lindberg Lyd AS has over the past year developed technical audio solutions and production methods to effectively bring a multi-dimensional audio experience to the consumer. The basic technology which meets requirements for quality and flexibility is known as DXD. This is a new, digital professional audio format developed for the production of high quality recordings. Digital formats are "the road which transports the analogue experience": This road must be broad and smooth. DXD satisfies these requirements with 32 BIT resolution and a sampling frequency of 352.8 kHz!

We are soon to enter a time capsule – back to February in the year of 1982. The venue is Grieghallen in Bergen where Radka Toneff and Steve Dobrogosz are on stage. FAIRYTALES is in progress. Lindberg Lyd has taken on the honorable task to re-master the original session tapes into hybrid SACD in both stereo and 5.1 surround. Steve Dobrogosz and Arild Andersen is taking an active part in the editing and mixing. The SACD will be published by ODIN and Curling Legs by autumn 2005.

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