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We meet musicians and composers in a passionate process, where the recording sessions are the conclusion of their meticulous mental and physical preparations. Together we shall walk the extra mile that makes the special product. We'll leave for the future to declare historical values, but we continuously hand out our applications.


Morten Lindberg (f 1970) is the balance engineer and recording producer with vocals, choirs and strings as his core area of expertise. A dedicated interest in graphic design has also left traces in the Norwegian record business. Morten is the business manager of the company. In 2006 Morten Lindberg was nominated for two GRAMMY-awards by The Recording Academy, both as a recording producer and balance engineer. Morten is in 2008 once again nominated for the GRAMMY Awards. • cellphone +47 915 38 155 •

Jørn Simenstad (f 1956) is our main editor and producer of classical- and folk-music. He is educated as trumpet player and developed some years ago a keen interest in traditional Norwegian instruments where he is now one of the leading performers.

cellphone +47 900 84 689 •

Wolfgang Plagge

Wolfgang Plagge (f 1960) is your perfect partner in music making with his experience as composer, musician and recording producer.

cellphone +47 902 02 627 •

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